Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laugh and a Half 5K - June 2011 - First race EVER! - 26:18

Norfolk, NE... home of Johnny Carson.  We have the sign to prove it!  The Great American Comedy Festival weekend is a big deal.  June 2011 was the first year of a half marathon race to accompany the festival events.  The comedians put on shows most of the week, usually starting Wednesday or Thursday, with initial rounds and amateur nights.  It all leads to the finale on Saturday night at Johnny Carson Theatre.

The Laugh and a Half Marathon featured a half of course, as well as a 5K, and a kid's run.  I found out about the race through my friend Sarah, who was running her first half marathon!  I was super stoked for her, and very impressed.  But I specifically said "I will NEVER run that far!"  I signed up for the 5K with my awesome cousin Michele.  This girl is FAST!  We are talking state champion 800 meter runner here!

Michele and I on Norfolk Ave

A little background on my running at this point.  I had NEVER ran 3.10 miles at one time prior to this 5K. The most I'd ever ran at once was maybe 2 miles.  Yeah!  I'd picked up running as a way to work out that spring along with my usual elliptical binges.  I was pretty darn nervous to run 3 whole miles at one crack...

I don't remember the exact details of this race.  I think it started at 7:00AM.  It's the middle of June in Nebraska, so the temps were exactly what you'd expect.  Warm, humid, but it was overcast.  Overall, decent running conditions for that time of year.  The 5K route is strictly through the main streets of town, starting and ending in front of the Johnny Carson Theatre.  I remember wanting to die at a few points in the race.  Michele and I ran together until the last maybe half mile.  I was dead, she still had gas.  Awesome girl finished in 25:37 and was 21st place overall.  I lived to finish my first 5K ever in 26:18 and was 26th place out of 158 runners.

Me coming into the finish line.  Looking like death.  At the end of it all, I decided I wanted to keep running.  My boyfriend and I went to the Comedy Festival finals that night with some special friends who had AWESOME seats.  We finished off the day with a trip to Dairy Queen for blizzards.  I felt I earned it.