Sunday, September 22, 2013

Omaha Half Marathon Sept 2013 - 1:44:05 Current PR

PERFECT day!  Temps were in the 50s at the start, little breeze, overall perfect running conditions.  I had every intention of breaking my 1:47 PR today, and I did just that!  

This was my first time running Omaha.  This was also the first year that the Omaha Marathon was put on by HITS Endurance.  The route was brand new for 2013, and was labeled fast and flat.  In prior years, the Omaha course was infamous for being hilly.  This year the course started and finished at the TD Ameritrade Ballpark.  Runners actually ran the outfield on the last maybe half mile to loop back out of the park to the finish line on the street.

My thoughts on the event.  Um, pricey.  Maybe not worth the $$.  I don't know, of course every race is worth it, especially PRs.  But this half (I signed up late too) was $85.  Plus the processing fee at the checkout put this in the $90 price range.  For a HALF.  In the past the race wasn't as expensive.  They plan to grow this race over the next few years.  I think they have several kinks to work out before this can happen.  And they should look at the price... So for the price, you didn't even get a packet bag.  Just your shirt and bib.  I was really bummed, my shirt was hella small.  They offered both men's and women's sizes... oops.  Pasta dinner I believe was extra... (not positive)  Parking was not free.  There were some major issues at the starting line as well, getting everyone lined up.

ANYWHO, onto MY race!  I lined up with a 1:45 pacer.  I ended up ahead of him the whole race.  I decided to make sure I went with my pace once I got in the groove.  I felt great, took a GU at 7.5 only because I made myself.  I carried my beloved hand held Nathan shot bottle this race.  I missed it dearly in Sioux Falls when I went without it.  I didn't stop at any aid stations, which helped my pace, as I always have to stop to drink my water out of the cup, otherwise it's on my shirt and not in my mouth.

Heading to the starting line!
Mentally and physically I felt strong all race.  There was good crowd support and entertainment along the route.  The course was an out and back.  I personally was thrilled about this.  All of my training runs at home are outs and backs, mentally that is how I run best.  The loop through the stadium was cool, but I was huffing pretty hard by this point and just wanted to get out to the finish line! 

Waving to Mom in the stands!
I was pretty darn happy with this race, in the PR sense.  I worked hard all of 2013 to fall short of the marathon.  This was my fifth half of 2013, and I finally had something to show for it!  I am more driven than ever to a) get faster and b) burn down that spring marathon.

Posing with my awesome glass finisher's medal!