Thursday, October 17, 2013

15K Thoughts

This Sunday, I’m running my first ever 15K race. I’ve ran 9.3 miles countless times, but I’ve never raced 9.3 miles. I spent the majority of my elliptical time last night thinking about a pace strategy. How do you really pace a 15K? 5K is balls to the wall, a half marathon is strategy and negative splits is the goal, a 10K is somewhere in between. 

My good friend Heidi and I are running this together. It’s the Governor’s Run in Lincoln, NE and the route starts and finishes in front of the Governor’s Mansion. Sounds sweet. The race starts at 3:00 pm. I haven’t been an afternoon runner since probably April. I’m not sure how this is going to go! The weather lately has been crazy WINDY. I’m holding out hope for a calm afternoon. 

Heidi and I in Sioux Falls before the half marathon!

I like to go into every race with a goal. I’m just struggling with this one. I don’t know how the afternoon run will go, I can’t control the weather, and I normally rest on Sundays. My brain will be totally thrown off. Anyway, I decided to keep these goals VERY broad, and I will be happy with whatever I come out with. It will be a PR no matter what! 

So here’s what my runner’s brain/crazy competitive side really wants… GOAL #1: mile pace average in the high 7s to low 8s. This is in ideal conditions. Realistically, if I can keep an 8:20-8:30 for all 9 miles on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll take it. GOAL #2: Place in my age group. This is always something I LIKE to do. I believe first and second place get gift certificates to the Lincoln Running Company

Back here on earth… GOAL #1: HAVE FUN! It’s a fall day running through Lincoln, I’m going with my running BFF, what could be better?! GOAL #2: Finish strong, no matter what pace, have some kick at the end, and feel like I’ve given it my all. GOAL #3: TAKE WHAT YOU GET AND BE HAPPY. Enough said. 

I’m not sure how to fuel for this race. I’m assuming we will have a light lunch fairly early. I will have my usual Spark and Arginine Extreme before the race. I’m considering taking a Gu. I don’t know if this is excessive for a 9 mile race? I just plain don’t know! This will totally be trial and error, and hopefully if I do it again next year I’ll have a better idea what I’ll need to do!