Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Working out shouldn't be a chore...

Earlier this year, my world revolved around a workout schedule. It was the same thing, week after week, and I didn’t dare dream of missing a class GASP! It was just another thing on my chore list every day. Get x number of miles in if it was a run day, get specific cross training in (spin) on set day, and core train (CXWORX) three times a week at least. Irritability would set in if for some reason or another I was forced to miss or reschedule a set workout. So, it took a stupid injury and a few months on the sideline to gain some perspective. Working out should not be a CHORE! 

This is true... yes it's a good and bad thing..

After hurting my hip, I knew I had to lay off the group fitness classes for a while until I had my hip healed and re-strengthened. I did my set exercises and stretches every, which included planks, bridges, hip swings, so forth and did NO group fitness. At all. My focus was doing what I needed to do to get back out there running strong again. And I did just that. By CHILLING OUT and actually working out less, I got stronger and faster. WIN! I can’t even describe how mentally refreshing it’s been. I’ve made a slow return to group fitness. One spin class, one Body Pump class, and one CXWORX class since August 9! It sounds crazy considering I would usually take two of the three classes in one day at least once a week. 

In my group fitness hiatus, I dearly missed all of my YMCA friends! After all, that’s the best part of GROUP fitness. The bonds I’ve formed with these people are so valuable to me. But so are the lessons I learned… 

1) NO workout is life or death. Like really, if you have to miss it, don’t stress! It happens. You won’t die, and you won’t gain weight either! 

2) You won’t lose strength like you might think. I felt so strong at my first spin class back, and this was the day right after my Omaha half marathon! Body Pump felt challenging, but I lift weights on my own all the time, so I didn’t have major muscle soreness after class. My first CXWORX class back, I held that hover like nobody’s business, and didn’t miss a single beat on any of the tracks. (I did use the light band, but I think I always did that anyway) 

3) You will APPRECIATE being back! It’s FUN again! It’s not a chore, not some place you HAVE to be. You are there because you chose to be, and your body is capable of doing it! That’s freakin awesome. 

4) You get to see your friends again!! WAHOOOO! 

5) The workouts will feel new and challenging to your muscles. But not in the “knock down, kick your booty” way. Just in a good way, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all comes back to you. Like riding a bike! 

Like I mentioned, a lot of my friends teach these classes, so they really have no choice, they HAVE to go. But if you are feeling like you are in a workout rut and like it’s a chore, take some time off. It doesn’t have to be months like I did… take a week off of your normal routine. If you normally work out alone, take a group fitness class.  If you always go to group fitness, take your iPod and do your own thing.  There are so many awesome workouts on Pinterest you can use for a guide. Break your routine, as hard as the thought of it might be, it might just be the best thing you ever did ;)