Sunday, October 13, 2013

Workout Recap 10/7 - 10/13

Monday - Easy pace, 7.5 miles.  It was pretty chilly, I layered a Nike Pro long sleeved shirt under a regular long sleeved t-shirt, and wore capris, and my ear band.  It was so perfect, I definitely had a hard time stopping to go get ready for work! The rest of the week warmed up quite a bit.  

Lunch - 30 minutes "leg day"  Nothing fancy here, my leg day isn't one that will make you cry or anything, just basic stuff:
3 x 12 Leg Extension
3 x 12 Leg Curl
3 x 12 Abductor
3 x 12 Adductor
2 minute wall sit
50 squats and some resistance tube stuff.  Quick and efficient for a lunch hour!

Tuesday -Tempo Tuesday!  I don't have to do mega long tempo runs since I don't have a race coming up, so this was just for tune up.  Two warm up miles (8:14, 8:33) Three tempo miles (7:49, 7:44, 7:28) YAH for negative splits! and one cool down (8:37)

Lunch was 30 minutes of weights.  Focused on shoulders.  Did my standard moves, with a few variations, and increased my weight on lateral plate raises!

Wednesday - Cross training day.  Lunch hour was 30 minutes CXWORX class.  It felt REALLY good to get back to class.  I hadn't been there since August!  My hips and legs felt great, I didn't feel like I missed a beat.  I was in such a great mood after, I remembered how much I love it!  I used to go three times a week, I think I will ease back into it by going twice a week.  I need to make sure to stretch before and after, since going right back to work to sit at my desk tends to tighten my hip.

After work I headed back to the Y for a quick cross training cardio session. 20 minutes elliptical, hill climb preset, and 30 minutes arc trainer.  Yeah, that thing is no joke!  It makes me sweat like crazy.

The stats
I'm in love with these Under Armour shoes! Best outlet deal EVER!
Thursday - easy run scheduled... 7 miles.  Um, this is one of those runs that you just don't want to talk about... my stomach wasn't on board with this run.  It didn't end well... moving on.

Friday - 10 miles.  It was really windy already at 6AM, and I knew I needed to get this done in a somewhat timely fashion to go help Sarah decorate.  So rather than fight the wind (and rain shower) I opted to do half on the treadmill, and half outside.  I really don't like treadmill running, but it wasn't SO BAD.  I didn't go super fast, but I did a progression run.  Better to continually hit the UP arrow on the speed than have to shift back down part way through the run because you are dying.

I really wish I burned 741 calories! LOL First half done in 43:12.  I was super sweaty and actually excited to get outside.  I had never done this before, a split run... I took off outside and was so nauseous!  I felt like I was still on the treadmill.  It was so weird, it took me about a half a mile to get my grips on where I actually was!  Weird.  Anyway, I headed towards Skyview to do some hill work.  Ick.  So last half clocked in at 43:20.

Consistency is my middle name when it comes to pace ;)

Saturday - REST!  Well, I think the wedding and the dancing counts as a workout, I was definitely exhausted after!

Sunday - EASY 3 miles and 6.25 mile bike ride.  I do want to start attempting some bricks, probably indoors (ick) this winter.  A duathlon would be so much fun, even though there aren't any around here.