Saturday, November 2, 2013

Running Quiz

My running idol Janae @ The Hungry Runner Girl posted this a while back.  I stumbled across it again, and decided to have some fun!

1.  On average how many races do you run a year?
Well, last year I ran 7 races, this year I've ran 8 so far?  I didn't actually look, and I can't always count... so I guess my average would be 7.5!  Yeah, half a race.  I went there...

1st Race EVERRR

2.  Things you have to run with: 
My iPod nano, Nike Plus Sportwatch, Pro Compression, and depending on the distance and weather, my Nathan Shot Bottle with Powerade Zero.  I rarely run without music, sometimes it's refreshing to, but most of the time I need it.  It took me a LONG time to be able to convince myself I don't always need my shot bottle.  It was my baby blanket.  I always have to have my watch. ALWAYS.  I can't run naked.

3.  Where do your workouts come from?  A training plan, a coach, whatever you feel like doing that day or what your training partner is doing that day?
When I'm training for a race, a rough idea of a workout comes from a training plan.  Right now I'm doing whatever I feel like.  I don't have a training partner... and I don't have a coach, BUT I'm considering the online coach for next year!

4.  How many miles on average do you put on a pair of shoes?
300 has seemed to be max at this point.  My poor shins and feet just crumble after 300.

Wave Rider LOVE! The only shoes I run in

5.  Cell phone- do you bring it with you on your run or leave it at home?
I almost always leave it at home.  I've been in several situations where I've wanted or needed it, but I still haven't learned my lesson to bring it.  I hate arm bands, but I did pick up a nice little hand held phone carrier.  

6. What was your last running related injury or have you been an injury free runner?
What's an injury free runner?  My most recent was my hip flexor.  I've dealt with shin splints, and my swollen foot issue last year.  

7.  Is your current running goal about running a farther distance (adding more mileage) or getting faster or BOTH?!?
My CURRENT goal is speed.  I don't have any more races or anything major going on, and I'm really just watching precious outdoor time tick away (Nebraska winter right around the corner).  I've found the cooler temps right now have made speed effortless.  I feel much stronger and faster than I did at the beginning of the year.  Of course the long term goal will always be about the marathon.

8.  Speedwork—->  at the track, on the treadmill, on the roads or never do it?
Tready.  I can't seem to get myself down to a track, and roads are hard, I would probably end up tripping and falling.

9.  Stretching after a run:  hit the ground after a run and get stretching, stretch in the shower, stretch once you get to work/school, skip the stretching? 
IMMEDIATELY after!  I've learned my lesson!  After every run I grab some Powerade Zero, some chocolate milk, and hit the foam roller and stretch.  Every. single. run.  I used to think I could stretch in the shower and call it good.  And surprise, I got hurt.

10.  What was your reason(S) for starting to run?  
I used to do a mile here or there for cardio.  I don't remember why I signed up for that first 5K, but I can't imagine life had I not!