Sunday, November 3, 2013

Workout Recap 10/28 - 11/3

This week I'm going to include my usual pre and post workout supps and fuel!

Monday - Spark + 3 Catalyst... 7.5 miles (8:18 avg pace)
Post AM run is ALWAYS a small glass of TruMoo Skim Chocolate Milk! 

Noon - Arginine Extreme...weights (30 minutes)

Tuesday - Spark + 3 Catalyst... Arc Trainer 20 minutes, Elliptical (hill climb preset) 40 minutes.  Did some random weights at lunch and played city rec volleyball that evening.

Wednesday - Spark + 3 Catalyst...7 miles (8:28 avg pace) Hit the 1,000 mile mark with this run!! Post - TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Thursday - Ended up with cross training again today... slept through my alarm, and had some weird shin pains.  40 minutes elliptical plus Body Pump Express class at noon! (40 minutes)  I love the shortened version of Body Pump.  We skipped lunges!! WOO!
I took 3 Catalyst and had half a can of Celsius for BP.  After work pre-cardio, I took 3 more Catalyst.

Friday - 6 miles (8:01 pace)  My shin felt fine and it was a perfect morning for some quick miles!  The usual fuel before and after!

Saturday - 2 O2 Gold + Spark + Arginine Extreme...
13.1 miles (8:22 avg pace) Because I really just love this distance!  It was a perfect morning to buzz around town.  The fall sights right now are absolutely gorgeous!  There are hurricane like winds today however, so I'm sure the pretty leaves will soon be history :(

Refueled with a LARGE glass of chocolate milk and some pretzel thins!

Sunday - Spin class (60 minutes) plus weights and core.  Total time 1:29.  I took 3 Catalyst + Arginine Extreme and one Advocare SLAM pre-workout.  I came home and had a scoop of VCore and almond milk!

Rounded out the week with roughly 33.6 miles, 3 cross-training days, and more strength training than I had been getting in.  Overall, I felt great this week.  I know, I know.. no rest day.  BUT I know when it's time to scale back, and right now it's about feeling strong and going with what my body allows.  When I'm training specifically, I observe my rest days.