Sunday, November 24, 2013

Workout Recap 11/18 - 11/24

Another long week...again, I don't know what I would do without the "therapy" that is exercise!! It's really the cheapest form out there.  Granted you pay a gym membership, and you need decent gear, but beyond that all you need is YOURSELF and some music.  I opted for more cross training and group fitness this week.  It felt pretty dang good.

Monday - Rest day.

Tuesday - 7 miles.  My only outdoor miles this week.  Insert HUGE SAD FACE!  It was nice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then got brutally cold.

Wednesday - Spin class (45 minutes)

Thursday - Treadmill run, 6 miles 47:31.  I like to start with a mile warm-up at 7.0 (roughly 8:38 pace) and then I do mile repeats with a quarter mile recovery in between.  
Mile 1 - 7.0
Mile 2 - 8.0
Recovery .25 at 7.0
Mile 3 - 8.1
Recovery .25 at 7.0
Mile 4 - 8.2
Recovery .25
That leaves me a mile or so to finish out at recovery pace or a little faster.  And boom, all done!

Thursday I also hit up Body Pump Express for 45 minutes of weights on my lunch hour.

Friday - Arc Trainer.  45 minutes.  I did 20 minutes on the interval setting and 25 on the strength setting.  Ouch.

Saturday - 8 miles.  I slept in for a change, and didn't start my run until later in the morning.  The nice thing about winter and treadmills at home is there isn't the pressure to get out the door early to beat the heat or the traffic around town!  I read Janae's morning post about her treadmill run, and thought "I can do that!" ha... I ALMOST made it!
It went like this:
One mile warm up at 7.0
Progress every two minutes starting at 7.0 up to 8.6.  This was Janae's run, I made it to 8.4 and then had to take a few minutes to recover.
I almost quit this run entirely around mile 4.  I just felt defeated.  Then I got myself together and kicked out the last 4 miles 800 style.  800 on and then 400 recovery.  Finished with an 8:07 average pace. 

Sunday - Spin class (60 minutes) and some leg weights.  This week was pretty skimpy on the weights, definitely need to hit them a little harder this coming week.