Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best of

How cool is this?!  Best Sports Supplement - AdvoCare

Oh and best running shoe, my beloved Mizuno Wave Riders....

But back to the AdvoCare, seriously, it's the best kept secret that apparently more runners have finally discovered!  I can't imagine training without it.  

A standard run starts with Spark or a SLAM.  The Slam's are basically a condensed version of Spark, packaged in a 5 Hour Energy style bottle.  These are PERFECT for me on early mornings, I wake up, take two drinks, and bam full effect.  There are 120 mg of caffeine in each bottle, so depending on your tolerance, you may only want half.

Longer runs I will take Spark and Arginine Extreme.  This is found on the Performance Elite line and is good stuff.  I also take it before weight lifting as well.

There are sooooo many great products I could talk all day about.  My other faves that I use daily are Catalyst and Thermoplus.  Great for weight management and muscle toning!

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Oh, and go check out the Wave Riders too :)