Thursday, January 23, 2014

Favorite time to run

I snoozed through my workout this morning, meaning it looms over my head all day knowing I have to knock it out after work.  I used to be an evening runner, I never once dreamed of waking in the 4am hour to run.  Who does that?!  Oh yeah, me.  

I find it easiest to hop from bed to road or mill and just git-er-done.  The first step out of bed is the hardest, the rest is pretty effortless.  But sometimes the first 20 steps from my office chair after 8 hours are impossible.  In the summer time, if I slept through my run, it meant it just plain wasn’t going to happen that day.  With the winter FREEZING temps we have this week, it’s indoors regardless, so I’ve found myself being more flexible.

I don’t mind the 5pm runs if the weather is decent, or in this case on my treadmill with some episodes of the Big Bang Theory.  After sitting all day at work it usually feels great once I get myself going.  Sometimes getting going is the problem though.  I’ve built a ridiculous tolerance to caffeine, so I can have a Spark at 5pm to get me running and I will still be asleep by 9.  The thing I don’t like about evening runs is they tend to be sluggish just from the sitting and the day’s food.  We all know about GI and running… moving on.

What is your FAVORITE time to run?  If you could get out every day at this time and do your workout, when would it be?  My ideal time for my body is around 7am.  I have time to get up and get fully awake.  If I’m running longer, I will have some breakfast, simple toast and PB2 is usually my go-to.  Since I have to be to work by 8:00 and not be a disgusting mess, this time is weekends only.  Such is life. 

Training updates: I made it outside for my run Monday morning, but then we got spanked AGAIN with ridiculous wind and now ridiculous cold, but NO snow.  I’m hoping for an outdoor long run of 12 miles on Saturday!  Tonight’s workout is speed…. I’m still deciding on what all to incorporate.  Mile repeats or 4x800s.  Decisions!