Thursday, February 13, 2014

How many times a day do you think about running?

We’ve all heard the stats about how many times per day a man thinks about you know what… but I wonder what the stats would be if you polled runners on how many times running, or a running related thought went through their mind during the day.

I have to admit, mine would be a pretty high and frequent number.  If I have gotten up early and gotten my run in before work, I’m usually better off than if I’m sitting at work for 8 hours thinking about the run I have to do when I get home.  The last two days have been this way.  I don’t always think about the workout, or the route, I just think about being out there. 

I am a generally anxious person anyway, but this marathon training cycle is already mentally getting the best of me.  I’m not overwhelmed by the work, I just feel anxious to DO IT. And get it done!  I go back and forth between wanting May to be a year away to have time to prepare, to wanting the marathon to be tomorrow just to get it over with. 

The first step is admitting you have a problem right?  So here it is.  You MIGHT think about running too much if you do what I do:

  • Check All Sport Central at least twice a week to make sure your entry confirmation is still there for the race you registered for.  And see how many others have signed up.
  • Check the Event Calendar on All Sport to see if there are any new races that you should sign up for that you didn’t see the last 500 times you checked the event calendar.
  • Read a running blog.  I SWEAR, the only blog I look at at work is Hungry Runner Girl!  The timing of her posts are such that I read her morning one right at 8:00, and her afternoon one is at 4:00.
  • You might be obsessed if you know exactly what time of day to read a running blog…
  • I immediately Google anything that hurts or feels weird for fear it may be the start of an injury.  Like I said, high anxiety over here.
  • Facebook and Instagram are the devil.  No, iPhones are the devil.  Why is it so easy to just grab it and scroll my feeds quick to see if there’s anything new and excited running related.
  • Check every 5 minutes to make sure you know EXACTLY what the weather will be during your run.  This is probably one of my biggest problems when I wait to run outside after work.
  • Hop on REAL QUICK and order yourself a fresh pair of socks while no one is looking… 
It's safe to say I think about running every .2938 seconds.