Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I love Advocare’s O2 Gold

I’ve talked about O2 Gold briefly in some of my other supplement posts, but seriously, this one deserves its own. In bold and flashing colors. Because it’s THAT good! 

Here’s some in depth info direct from the experts… aka Advocare website: 

With its unparalleled formulation, O2 Gold supplement is an excellent solution for greater energy, endurance and vitality whether you’re a marathon runner, a busy parent or both.* Serious athletes will notice the differences that O2 Gold supplement brings to their regimen, and casual users will notice the refreshing lift to their energy and liveliness.* Most importantly, O2 Gold supplement helps you maximize oxygen usage in your body so that you can feel better and perform better.*
O<sub>2</sub> GOLD®* Helps facilitate the body’s use of oxygen*
* Helps restore vitality and liveliness*
* Helps the body adapt to stress*
* Increases oxygenation to cells*
* Helps increase and maintain energy levels*
* Supports muscle building and recovery*
* Provides antioxidant activity to counter the effects of free radicals*
* Supports the body’s immune system*
* Contains easily digestible whey protein 

O2 Gold and Spark were my very first Advocare products, and I was sold immediately. If you have never used O2 Gold and you are thinking, gosh does this really work? Let me tell you, it has made a HUGE difference in my long runs! The serving is two capsules 60 minutes prior to exercise. I only take O2 Gold before runs of 10 miles or longer, mainly because it’s not cheap! And I don’t feel that I NEED it on shorter runs. 

I take two O2 Gold with a serving of Spark before my long runs!