Saturday, March 15, 2014

Talking Recovery

I truly believe that recovery is the most important aspect of training. Sure, your workouts are extremely important, but if you aren’t recovering efficiently, you may not actually be gaining anything.

I think we can all agree that rest days themselves aren’t fun, but the run or workout the next day usually makes up for the one day of suffering! I find myself recharged and refocused and excited to get back out there. I think basic rest goes a long way in the recovery cycle of training, but I’m also a believer in products that assist recovery. 

Pro Compression sleeves and socks: These are just a huge part of my life. I run in socks, come home and foam roll and shower, and immediately sport a pair of calf sleeves the rest of the day. 

Rezzerct by Complete Nutrition: This is probably the only non-Advocare product that I get really excited about. I love this stuff! I always take it after Body Pump to help eliminate soreness. I took a scoop after every race I ran last year, and it helped me not hobble the next day. It doesn’t taste the best in my opinion, but I usually just chug it and move on! 

Chocolate milk: I drink a glass after EVERY run. It makes me happy! I’ve never been a milk drinker, my dad had to force me to drink milk growing up. I’ve just recently gotten into the chocolate milk post workout trend, and I have to say, I’m a believer. 

Nighttime Recovery by Advocare: YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT!! I recently purchased this for the first time, and wow, it is amazing. I will take a serving before bed on days I’ve completed a long run or just a tough workout. I wake up feeling recharged and have either reduced soreness, or none at all.