Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The highs and lows of racing

Regardless of the distance of the race, I think I’ve felt the post-race blues almost every time.  The week before a race there is always that excitement, anticipation, and nerves.  If you had a good race, the day of and after there is the “high” you ride for a while.  When everything is all said and done and a new training week begins sometimes it just doesn’t seem as exciting.

I don’t necessarily feel the blues this week, I feel the burn out again.  I ran hard on Saturday (even if it was only 5 miles) and then had to do a somewhat long run on Sunday.  Even though the “long” run was only 10 miles, Sundays are my “sleep in, sit around and drink coffee until 11am in my PJs” day.  Sunday was a pretty busy day in general, and even though I snuck in an hour nap, I woke up Monday morning feeling horrible and exhausted.  I went to CXWORX at noon and hit the treadmill for 5 miles after work.  Maybe I should have just stayed in bed all day…

My run went ok, I kept the speed pretty easy and no incline, but by the time I finished, the ball of my left foot felt funny.  I took my shoe off and iced it immediately.  I’m not sure what is going on here.  My left foot has been giving me weird twinges off and on lately, but always on the top, never the bottom or the ball.  I’m hoping and praying it’s just one of those things my body decided to throw out just because I’m tired.

Today is a full blown rest day.  I normally rest on Fridays, and cross train on Tuesdays.  I’m hoping that resting, icing, and massaging will get this dumb nag out of me within a few days.  I’m ok with the idea of not running for a few days, or even cross training.  I think the rest is needed mentally, as well as for my foot.

I’m still a little confused where this random pain came from.  My feet didn’t hurt after the race Saturday, or my 10 miler on Sunday, just the end of the treadmill run.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Google trying to self-diagnose, which probably isn’t the best idea.  So far ice, massaging with a golf ball, and KT Tape have given me relief throughout the day today.  Pray that a few days of extra TLC will make it good as new.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue with the ball of their foot?  I wore a regular pair of Wave Riders that aren’t worn out, and they weren’t tied too tight.