Sunday, March 23, 2014

Workout Recap 3/17 - 3/23

Not much to see here...

I felt rotten all week.  Not sick, just tired, totally unmotivated, and worn out.  

Monday - CXWORX and 5 treadmill miles.  This run started the week long fiasco with my foot.  I got through the run and got off to discover my lovely ball of foot pain.

Tuesday - REST.

Wednesday - CXWORX and Body Pump with some cardio on the elliptical afterwards.  I hadn't been to a full Body Pump class in a couple of weeks, and I could definitely feel it the next day.

Thursday - 6 super crappy, awful miles.  Man, I can't even describe how rough this was.  It was the first day of Spring, and GORGEOUS outside, but I had the worst run I've had in a really long time.  I stopped after 5 miles and called for a ride.  I got home and changed shoes and did one more slow mile around the neighborhood.

Friday - REST.  Trip to the foot doc.  (A OK to keep running)

Saturday - 11 miles.  I used my new arch supports for the first time, and it was rough.  My feet hurt, and my hips and calves got really tight.  It was also incredibly cold and windy, and I think I was close to having frostbite on my hands, even with two pairs of gloves.  Another rough one...

Sunday - 11 miles of SWEET REDEMPTION!!! FINALLY!  I finally felt like ME again!  I ditched the arch supports... and just ran.  No pain in my feet or hips or anywhere.  I had some pace again, and just felt GOOD!  

This week taught me a lot.  I need to take the good with the BAD, and mentally fight through.  I truly believe over half my battle this week was mental.  I was tired and run down, and let the pains and the bad runs get the best of me.  On to a new and better week!