Sunday, March 30, 2014

Workout Recap 3/24 - 3/30

Last full week of March!  Holy cow, where is this year going?!  I did think March was a bit of a long month, but yet, not really.  The weather has been kind of crazy, but all in all, it was a decent month for training.

Monday - Cross training and CXWORX.  I ran 11 miles last Saturday and Sunday, so I opted for cross training on Monday.

Tuesday - 7 miles of happiness!  This run felt great!  I went to Body Pump Express at lunch, and even after some killer squats, my legs were ready for a run!

Wednesday - CXWORX and 5 treadmill miles.  I was reeeeeally hesitant to get back on the treadmill after it made my foot hurt last week, but it went ok.  The wind was 40 MPH and there was a high wind warning.  I was happy to stay inside during that.

Thursday - 6 miles outside before work in the drizzle.  It was still nice and warm in the morning, but that drizzle turned to snow later.  BOO.

Friday - REST.

Saturday - 18 miles!  This long run felt fantastic!   It was definitely the confidence boost I needed after the last two weeks.  Next week I'm set to tackle 20!  

Sunday - 4 miles at 8:22.  This was a "recovery" run and I still felt like I was bolting out strong!  My legs felt great after the long run, and I had to really contain myself not to run further.