Monday, April 28, 2014

Do you believe in magic?

I've never been one to really look for luck or signs before a race, or before anything really.  In high school I would get slightly superstitious before basketball games.  If some food or some activity before the game led to me having a good game, I would usually try it again.  I had my special number in high school that I was convinced brought me luck.  I had to have the number 21 on my jersey.  Granted, our home white jerseys were even numbered... but this was my special number.  I've pinned on countless bibs with all sorts of numbers on them, but I've never actually looked at them.  I've never really thought about a bib number having any sort of symbolism.  Until this year...

I mentioned in this post when I first signed up for Brookings I was convinced that 5/3/14 would be my lucky day.  May 3, 2014 would have been my Grandma's 81st birthday, so running my 1st marathon on this day is incredibly special to me.  I 100% believe in the stuff you see on "Long Island Medium" (I'm OBSESSED with her BTW)  I believe that our loved ones who have passed send us signs and communicate with us in many different ways that we can sometimes overlook.  But if you really think about them, and look deeper, you'll be surprised at what you will find.

My bib from my first race this year, the 5 miler in Wisner.  I never really looked at it until now, but we have the 5/3 going on.

The 8 in the bibs means something different.  Ben lost his first cousin, and best friend, in a motorcycle accident last summer.  One of Kyle's friends spoke to a medium a few months ago.  The medium said he's with a close relative and what does the number 8 mean?  Ben's favorite number has always been 8, and it was his jersey number in football and baseball all throughout high school.  So this bib was extra lucky, 5/3, 8, and 5+3=8.  I had a great race, a 5 mile PR, and placed first in my age group, second overall.

Second bib of the year, the 5K in town that I ran casually a few weekends ago.  Again, 5/3 is present by adding the last two numbers.  The three numbers total to 8.

My bib number in Brookings is 143.  Call me a crazy fruit loop for looking so deep into this, but obviously there is 5/3 again with addition.  The 14 shows me my Grandpa, who passed away last November on the 14th.  And last but not least, the numbers again total to 8.

Regardless if next Saturday really is my lucky day or not, I know for a fact I have three angels rooting for me.