Thursday, April 17, 2014

Missing Speed

Last night I knocked out my last run with any speed work in the marathon training cycle.  Truth be told, I hadn’t done much lately, and I could tell.  I’ve been in body preservation mode the past few weeks.  I’ve had random pains in my feet and hips, so I’ve played it as safe as possible.  I’ve ran hills, but not as many as I should, and speed work has been pretty non-existent.  Oops.
I managed 5 miles, all on the treadmill, and it was rough.  I have some lofty goals for fall racing, and I know once my marathon recovery period is over, speed is back on the FRONT burner.

 HELLO SUPER SWEATY SELF... yikes.  Proof that I worked hard.

Finished off with some Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  Level One because I was wiped out anyway.

My goals be like:
Sub 1:40 half…. I want this BAD!
10K PR… preferably sub 46.

I’ll work towards this by:
Speed work.  Duh.  Track and treadmill.
More strength training incorporating HIIT.

On a random note, I finally purchased KT Tape PRO as opposed to the cotton basic version.  GET. THE. PRO!  Much better!  It stays put.

Another random, my delicious breakfast for supper last night.  Egg beaters, turkey sausage, low fat Eggos, PB2, half banana, and sugar free syrup.  Can't beat that!

Off for an evening run, rest day tomorrow, and last long run on Saturday!
16 days until Brookings!