Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mother Nature... WTF?!

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday, and humid.  I was drenched with sweat after my training run and 5K.  And this is today:

It's literally a blizzard outside today.  Nothing in Nebraska should surprise me anymore.  Last year on April 12th, I believe it was, we actually had a snow day at work.   I work at the community college in town, and while we have a significant student population that commutes, we rarely close.  This year our April blizzard happens to be a weekend.  Go figure.

I was planning a running rest day anyway, so my couch time and plan to not leave the house today ends up working out.  

In honor of the snow, here are a few more pics from the SUN and the race yesterday.  

Please note my face of death.  I really wish I had some attractive action or finishing photos to show off, but I don't.