Saturday, April 12, 2014

Operation Steel Warrior 5K

I ran a 5K this morning after my 10 mile training run.  It's local, and for a great cause.  I definitely couldn't resist, and couldn't race.  My goal was to go out as easy as possible and just get the miles in, not worry about time or placing.  This is VERY hard for me because I'm incredibly competitive, but it was refreshing to have a different mind set going into a race.

This race was a fundraiser sponsored by the four Nucor divisions in Norfolk, NE. Money will go to Operation Steel Warrior which supports the construction of "Smart Homes" for severely wounded service members. Nucor's current recipient is Captain Ben Harrow, who lost both legs above the knee and a large portion of his right arm, which included two fingers on his right hand. 

I ran my 10 miles first and came home and foam rolled and changed into dry clothes.  I met up with Heidi before the race.  I was pushing the time pretty close, I was actually the last person to pick up my packet... OOPS.  That's how I knew I was taking a laid back approach to the race!

It was an out and back on the Cowboy Trail here in Norfolk.  Easy and flat.  My goal was to run my slowest 5K, and it was actually my second slowest at 25:17.

It was a small race, I ended up third in my age group and nabbing a medal.

Heidi placed first in her age group, and super speedy JD won overall.