Monday, April 14, 2014

Photo Dump

Welcome to my completely random photo dump...

We've had some really nice days lately, other than the blizzard of course, and this is fitting.  And hilarious.

While it's nice and I'm stuck at work, I'd rather be running.  And my new tumbler cup let's everyone know this!

I traded in my Malibu for my Escape, but it still makes me a little sad that it's gone.  Anyway, I admired how nice they made it look online, and it actually was sold right away.  You know the town you live in is too small when you see the car you traded being driven by it's new owner two days in a row.  Take care of my Boo!

Don't be hatin, you'd miss your '05 Malibu too if it looked this good!
I was running a little low on Gu thanks to marathon training.  Monday night a fresh box arrived on my doorstep!  This should last me a while...

And Espresso Love is the ONLY flavor of Gu I will eat.  Just FYI.

Speaking of eating, I have a slight candy addiction.  I attended our state financial aid administrator's conference at the end of last week, and since I was a first time attendee, I was recognized with my favorite candy!  It was an ice-breaker/get to know you type of thing.  So judge away FA colleagues.  I love my M&Ms!  My co-worker and I discussed how we never win anything.  Which is true, I'm not lucky at all.  Well, guess who won the $50 door prize!  HOLLA!

Last but not least, an awesome quote from my fave, Kara Goucher.  There have been several bumps in this marathon training road, but I've made progress none the less.  Keep looking ahead!! Less than 3 weeks to go!