Wednesday, April 23, 2014


10 Days until the marathon!!!!!!!

I don't understand why wind exists.  Rain, snow, sun, all seem important for life, but wind has NO purpose.  Please go away.

Ben decided to try some of MY Quest Bars... not cool.  I bought him some of his own, a variety to try.  Paws off my Double Chocolate Chunk!

I'm REALLY focusing on nutrition these last two weeks.  I had been eating like crap, and I was feeling it.  I raided my cabinets and threw away a lot of junk I had hanging around.  I've eaten the same meal the last two nights... Turkey breast, sweet potato, and salad.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't part with my Gushers.  Hey, it's a serving of fruit right?  No?

Thought of the week: