Sunday, April 27, 2014

Workout Recap 4/21 - 4/27

Another week that just flew by.  I say this every week, but honestly, time is flying, and I'm ok with that!  Bring on next weekend!  I had Monday off to observe Easter.  I'm lucky my job gives both Friday and Monday off for the Easter week.  It was a MUCH needed four day weekend.

Monday - Boston Marathon Monday!!  I got up and headed out for my run before the crazy wind picked up.  5 miles, I don't remember by exact average pace, but it wasn't blazing or anything.  Just an easy run.  I went to the Y for some light cardio on the elliptical and a few upper body weights and then hit the 9:30 CXWORX class.  I came home and showered and watched the feed of the Boston Marathon!  I missed the women's finish, but watched Meb's finish live.  INCREDIBLE!  Watching the marathon and seeing my Instagram feed LOADED with blue and yellow made me dream of Boston.  Someday!

Tuesday - 6 miles, 8:33 avg.  Nothing special here!

Wednesday - CXWORX at noon and Body Pump after work.  I hadn't taken a full pump class in several weeks, and this one kicked my tail!  It felt great to be dripping with sweat in Body Pump, normally I don't sweat that much in that class!

Thursday - 5 miles in the wind.  This was so rough.  My legs were a little tired from pump the night before, but the wind really did a number on my lungs.  I just couldn't get in a breathing rhythm.  This NEVER happens to me when I run.  Normally my legs give out long before my lungs even think about being tired.  It was a weird run, and I felt really out of shape.  Anyway, it got done.

Friday - REST.  Finally got my custom orthotics from the foot doc.  I'll be trying those out for running once the marathon is over.  Hopefully that will help out with some of my many issues!

Saturday - 10 miles.  Last long run.  Well, sort of long.  It felt really strange to think that was the last Saturday I HAVE to get up and run X miles at home for awhile.  I think I will enjoy the change of pace for a bit, but I know I won't be out of training for long.

Sunday - Elliptical and upper body weights at the Y.  Pretty easy, nothing exciting, just something to get my legs moving.

Bring on taper week... Besides running and working out, I really don't have any other hobbies.  Watch out world, this could be a rough one!