Monday, May 19, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - more on the Cleanse Phase

I have two days left of the Cleanse phase of the 24 Day Challenge!  I would be LYING through my teeth if I said this is easy for me.  It's not.  I'm feeling great, and I'm doing my absolute best to stick to the clean eating as much as possible.

I don't hate the fiber drink!  I'm glad I chose Peaches and Cream.  I don't think it's that bad.

I've had some cheese.  Not a lot, but I've had a little bit of part skim mozzerella cheese and two slices of pepperjack cheese.... on a sub.  From Subway... mmmm BREAD!

So Sunday I had the Subway sandwich, and my lovely fiance came home with a large Oreo blizzard.  Oh yeah, I took the biggest bite you can imagine out of that dang blizzard.  And then I stopped.

Here's the deal, I'm not trying to lose weight.  I'm just trying to clean up my habits, which clearly isn't going THAT well... So I'm no model 24 Day Challenger. 

Going into the Max phase I plan on adding back in the dairy (I think it said you can do that?)  Anyway, I can't go any longer without my chocolate milk post run.  Despite the energy and feel good from the Spark and the better diet, I miss my coffee loaded with creamer.  I still crave it like no other.  So that's one habit that won't be kicked post challenge.

Overall, the cleanse phase was not bad at all in terms of the "cleanse" part.  I didn't have any issues.  Despite my cheating ways, I would really recommend every try the challenge, or at least the cleanse.  I am really digging the energy!