Monday, May 5, 2014

Brookings Marathon Pt 1

This entire weekend is still a blur!  It was the BEST weekend of my entire life, hands down.  I have A LOT to say about the race, and the weekend in general, so this recap will be in three parts!

Flashback to Friday.  We left for Brookings Friday afternoon to get to town to eat and pick up our packets.  It is about three and a half hours away, but at least it was a good day for a road trip!  I'll do an entire post regarding my race week taper and carb loading strategy because I think I did it right!  We made a few stops on the way up due to my constant need to hydrate.  I'm really weird about water, I don't like plain water, I am that person that always has Mio or Crystal Light in their purse to dump into water.  I will only drink SmartWater plain.  Crazy, but I loaded up on SmartWater and Gatorade Friday afternoon!

I stalked the weather....


My mom drove me, and Heidi was planning to meet us up there.  We stayed in the same motel, which was actually a nice motel!  I have a history of booking not so nice places to stay for races.  Heidi has done the same.  But we had really nice rooms and it was a comfortable place to spend the night.

Brookings, SD is a beautiful town.  I'd never been there, the farthest north I'd ever been into South Dakota was Sioux Falls.  Brookings is home to South Dakota State University and the campus was gorgeous.  The population of the town is roughly 22,000, which is basically like Norfolk.  I really felt like I was running at home.

Packet pick up was at the Children's Museum Friday evening, and they were also running the 5K Friday at 6:00pm.  We arrived just as the 5K runners were taking off from in front of the museum. 

In my opinion, there are so many advantages of smaller races.  One is easy and fast packet pick up.  They were very organized, and all of the volunteers were very friendly.  Heidi made a shirt exchange, and I bought another pull over shirt that they were selling.  I definitely wanted a lot of gear displaying this race!

We headed to Pizza Hut for our final supper.  Pizza has always been the go-to for me the night before a race.  I know it doesn't work for everyone, but pasta doesn't work for me!   I had pizza and breadsticks, and Heidi had spaghetti with grilled chicken.  Carb load, check!

We drove around town to scout out the places my mom would be able to watch along the route, and planned our meet up at the end. 

I laid out my race gear the night before.  The outfit I had planned got scrapped because it wasn't going to be super warm.  It was right at 40 at the start, and I don't think it actually warmed up that much.  The wind picked up and I know I never once got hot!

I wore an Under Armour tee underneath the Brookings Marathon half zips that came with the marathon entry fee, Under Armour shorts and compression shorts, Pro Compression socks, and my purple Mizuno Wave Riders.

It's a good thing I didn't know what all was coming that next day, or I wouldn't have slept AT ALL compared to the little I did actually sleep!  To be continued....