Monday, May 19, 2014

Don’t be so hard on yourself

It’s great to have goals, and constantly be hungry for more.  I met my marathon goal, but yet I can’t shake the desire to immediately burn down another goal, aka a half marathon PR.  I have my first half marathon of 2014 in less than a month.  I wasn’t even sure I would register for it post-marathon, but I did, and I don’t have the “run it for fun” mentality that I was supposed to have…

I don’t know that a half marathon PR is even possible at this point.  I trained at a slower pace for the marathon, and that’s just about where my natural pace is now stuck at.  Post-marathon running has been a little rough.  Pace and distance both seem extremely difficult.  But I’m not sure it’s all physical, I think my brain is causing my problem.  My MIND wants to run fast, or run at the quicker pace I was capable of pre-marathon.  My mind immediately gets discouraged when I look at my watch and see a pace much slower than what I feel my effort should be producing.

First run post-marathon.... struggle

First double digit post-marathon run
I’m writing this as a reminder to myself, don’t be so hard on yourself.  This recovery process has truly tried my patience.  I want to be back where I was before the race, but the reality is, I’m not, and I need to take my time getting there.  I’ve been dealing with some weird nags in my left knee, so I need to listen that right now.

It’s hard to take my sights off the half marathon PR in June, but I’m doing my best to mentally back-burner it for a while.