Monday, May 26, 2014

Jog for Jess 5K

I signed up for this race with some friends a few weeks ago for fun and to contribute to this great cause.  The community of Wayne has held this run as a fundraiser the past 6 years for a young boy to attend intensive pediatric physical therapy.  The registration link was on All Sport Central, which is my go-to race search site, and I definitely wanted to participate.

I planned on a 10 mile training run Saturday morning, and that just didn't quite happen.  I made it 9 and called it quits.  I had been undecided all week whether or not I would even run Saturday night, or just go along and walk.  Luckily my knee felt just fine after the morning run, and my ego was slightly bruised... so I wanted to avenge those crappy miles with 3.1 more for the day.

The race was supposed to start at 5:00 pm according to the website.  So I packed my Spark/Rehydrate combo and road tripped the 35 miles to Wayne.  There were only 7 of us signed up online, and all from Norfolk.  Come to find out, the race didn't actually start until 6:00pm.  Instead of making us wait around, the event organizers were incredibly nice and let us go ahead and run the route so we could be done and get back home.  This wasn't officially timed or even marked, it was just a fun run on a really nice bike path.  It was an easy out and back.  The bike trail went through some of the area that was damaged in a tornado last fall.  I lived in Wayne for two years in college and had no idea that trail was even there!  

I hadn't ran doubles in a LONG time, and of course hadn't even thought about it post-marathon.  I felt pretty energetic, so I decided to just let my legs go however fast or slow they wanted to go.

Good enough for me!

Our awesome shirts designed by Jess!  I'm wearing it today actually.  I LOVE the neon green!

Our group!