Friday, May 9, 2014

Marathon Recovery

I really had no idea what to expect this week following the marathon.  I knew things would hurt, but all of the things I anticipated hurting really didn’t.  Crazy, right?  All of the issues I’d had with my feet throughout training, I came out of this race without any foot pain whatsoever, and not a single blister.  I have all of my toenails.  If you look at my feet now, you’d never guess they ran a marathon.  They don’t feel like it either.  Rock on.

My hip was also a concern of mine.  I ran the race with my right hip flexor KT Taped, as well as my IT band along my right hip.  I’ve experience a little bit of soreness in my hip flexor, but nothing like I thought maybe I would.  Another win.

My poor quads took the brunt of the SORENESS.  Oh boy.  Stairs, sitting down (toilets), and sudden movement = NOT FUN.   

My recovery week has gone like this:
Saturday post-race: Drank two scoops of Rezzerect, a carton of fat-free chocolate milk, and a banana.  Of course I refueled with food the rest of the day!  Saturday night I took Nighttime Recovery.

Sunday: PAIN TRAIN.  I foam rolled and walked.  We actually went shopping, the walking was nice, but the car ride caused some extra stiffness in my quads.

Monday: I foam rolled and then sat in the whirlpool for about 15 minutes.  I headed to the sauna for another 20 minutes or so.  The heat really helped relax my muscles.  Monday evening I went for a walk.

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical on an EASY setting.  

Wednesday: 40 minutes on the elliptical, a little bit more resistance and incline than Tuesday, and some upper body weights.  I also went for a short walk.

Thursday: FIRST RUN!!! 4 miles.  My legs felt about 95% to start out.  I felt so excited to be back out on the road.  My legs fatigued VERY quickly.  I finished the 4 miles at an 8:54 average pace.  It’s a little discouraging to feel like a tired turtle, but I need to remember that I’m recovering.

I plan to get back to CXWORX at the end of the week and do another short, easy run this Saturday.  My diet this week has been high on protein, and I’ve really tried to scale my carb intake back.  My carb loading week was difficult, I felt like I was force feeding, but I really think I did it right.

I’ll keep sporting my Pro Compression calf sleeves under my dress pants, and foam roll and stretch like it’s my job!

True dat!