Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Cleanse Phase Wrap Up

Today officially marks the end of my 10 day cleanse.  I’d be lying a little if I said it went fast and it was just super easy.  I didn’t have a bad experience by any means, but the mental aspect of meals that somewhat follow the guidelines and remembering when to take what started to wear on me.  Oh, and now in the Max phase I have to remember to take like a million pills a day… yippee.

Ok, negativity aside, I feel good.  I don’t feel magically cleansed and super toxin free, but I feel lighter and more energetic.  I’ve lost two pounds total so far.  I’m NOT in this to lose an excessive amount of weight, I’m just toning up and shaping up my eating from 4 months of carb binging while marathon training.  I can tell a difference in the two pound weight loss though, and I do feel like maybe I’ve lost a few inches here and there.  (Like a bad challenger, I didn’t take before measurements)

The cleanse phase by itself is recommended every 90 days.  I think I will give it another whirl later this fall, maybe not the full 24 day challenge.

Things I did right (sort of):

  • Water consumption.  I’ve been drinking a ton of water.
  • Activity.  I’ve still be taking work outs easy post-marathon, but I’ve done some time of activity every day, even if some rest days just consisted of a walk.
  • No coffee or alcohol.  CLAP FOR ME!  I miss coffee.  I love the taste of coffee, I don’t miss it for the energy, I’ve had plenty of that.  I don’t drink alcohol very often anyway, and rarely did throughout marathon training, so that’s really no biggie.
  • I’ve eaten my fruits and veggies. 
  • No munching in between snacks.  I used to have a pre-snack, a snack, lunch, pre-snack, snack, supper.  I’ve eliminated the mindless munching and stick to my mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime snack.
  • NO CANDY!!!  To be honest, this was my sole purpose behind this whole challenge.  I eat way to much candy, especially at work.
  • No fried food.  That wasn’t hard.

Crimes I committed:

  • Dairy.  I had three cleanse days left when I caved and bought chocolate milk to drink post-run like old times.  I’ve had some Greek yogurt too.
  •  ONE LITTLE BAG OF STUPID CHIPS.  I can’t take it back…
  •  I definitely didn’t eat 100% clean, but I did my best.  I had quite a bit of turkey from the deli counter, I’ve read some places that this is a yay and other places it’s a nay.  Whatever, it’s a yay for me.
  • Salad dressing.  I think this was a no-no, but I used it sparingly.
  • All other confessions in the previous post....

Like I’ve said in several of these posts, I’m no model challenger, but I want to encourage others to get healthy, and I 100% feel Advocare is the best way to do it.  Whether you really want to lose weight, or just a few inches and tone up, the challenge is for you.