Friday, June 6, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Wrap Up

I finished my 24 Day Challenge yesterday (not many updates after the first 10 days were over, sorry).  I didn’t take measurements, and I haven’t weighed myself, but I wasn’t planning to measure my success that way anyway.  My goal was to eat better, gain energy, and not inject my body with junk 24/7.

Road Trip Essentials

I felt great during the Max Phase.  I had a good amount of energy, and slept great at night.  I ordered the MNS 3 kit with appetite control.  (Next time I will probably go with energy)  Overall, I do think it helped my constant runger.  Today is my first day not taking the packets, and sadly, I’ve felt hungrier again.
I cheated more in the Max Phase than the cleanse.  I had a couple rounds of fro yo at Cherry Berry, and some amazing birthday cake at my great aunt’s party.  Besides my few sweet treats, I had a few beers also.  Alcohol isn’t forbidden in the Max Phase, and I definitely didn’t go over board, just had a couple.

I surprised myself by making it the entire time without coffee.  I think the challenge in the summer helped that, it was too warm outside for me to crave it.

Now that I’m done, I’ll continue with my morning Spark instead of coffee.  I have always been a slave to Catalyst and I’ve been taking Thermo Plus as well.  I am going to focus on the fruits and veggies that I have been eating, and continue that trend.  I did cave twice and eat some chips with my meal, but my GOAL is to continue avoiding chips and candy.   I’m not a pop drinker anyway, and I haven’t even thought about wanting even a sip of pop during or after the challenge.

I’m happy to have the experience of one challenge under my belt, and hope to be able to motivate others through one as well!