Friday, June 13, 2014

Thoughts before a half marathon

Tomorrow is my first half marathon of 2014.  I’ve obviously ran 13.1 countless times already this year, but never in the official sense.  Crazy.

It’s supposed to be crazy windy tomorrow.  22MPH to be exact.  FAIL.

I don’t find carb loading necessary for a half anymore, which makes me kind of sad.

I don’t have a rockin’ playlist, as a matter of fact I don’t know that I even have a charged iPod…

I sort of had my mind on a PR until a couple of days ago.  My goal now is just don’t PW (personal worst)

I’m wearing my 26.2 headband to tell everyone that I ran a marathon and that’s why I might start sucking during this race.  #justification

My calves are really tight, and I’ve been rocking some Pro Compression sleeves and KT Tape at work.  And people have been asking what I did to my ankle.  It’s my Achilles, and it’s fine, thanks for asking.