Monday, June 23, 2014

Up Next

I might still be on a high from the race this weekend.  I didn’t have any soreness on Sunday (thank you Rezzerct, foam roller and Nighttime Recovery by Advocare) so I kind of hit the ground running towards new goals.

Literally, I ran on Sunday.  I normally don’t even do a shake-out run after a half marathon, but my lack of soreness made it way too easy to just run a 1.5 to the Y and lift some upper body weights.   We can reference back to this post if I get injured and this will probably explain why…

Up next I really want to focus on MUSCLE!  I want to get stronger and LOOK stronger.  I’m tall and lanky and gaining muscle has always been difficult for me.  In high school, I loved basketball more than anything, but based on my height I was typically planted in the post and literally man handled by all of the other girls due to my lack of strength.

I’m basing a new strength program on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer from  I LOVE Jamie and her programs.  She has amazing recipes and workouts.  I’m focusing on individual muscle groups on certain days and also incorporating Les Mills Body Pump in as well.  I plan to lift 6 days a week, and alternate what day is what.





Body Pump

This leaves one day as a duplicate, which will just kind of depend on the week.  I love working legs and shoulders, those will probably always be the repeated day, or two days of Body Pump.

This morning I dusted off my T25 DVDs as well.  I did Speed 1.0.  I started the program this winter and ended up straining my calf, so for the sake of marathon training I stuck the DVDs in the drawer and haven’t touched any besides Ab Intervals since.   I’m hoping that incorporating agility and strength training will make me stronger, faster, and look toned up.  (Think wedding dress…)

My plans for running are kind of up in the air.  I don’t mind getting up and running an easy 3-4 miler at this point, and that’s probably what I’ll stick with here for a couple of weeks just to get my mind refocused after 5 ½ months of marathon/half marathon training.  I really want to focus on some shorter distance races this summer, and start to gradually increase long run mileage to gear up for a fall half.  My GOAL is for the Omaha Half Marathon to be a new PR!