Monday, June 2, 2014

Workout Recap 5/26 - 6/1

I’m getting back into the normal workout swing finally.  I went a little too hard out of the gate on strength training post-marathon and found myself dealing with some runner’s knee.  I took a few days off of squats, lunges, and really anything strength related, slapped on some KT Tape, and did lots of foam rolling.  My knee does just fine now with running, but I have a few twinges here and there during squats and lunges.  

Monday was Memorial Day, so I had the day off work.  I ran 7 miles in the humidity quick that morning.

Tuesday – Cross training on the elliptical.  Nothing exciting.
Wednesday – My 25th birthday started off with 7 wonderful miles and I went to CXWORX at noon.  

Thursday – 5 miles, really slow and easy.

Friday – CXWORX and Body Pump.  My first Body Pump class in over 2 weeks, and my first full class since sometime before the marathon.  I was shaking like a leaf, and pretty sore on Saturday morning.

Saturday – the hardest 10 miles of my entire life.  It was really hot and humid already at 7:30AM when I started.  I stopped three times, one time at the Y for some more water.  I ended up walking the last quarter mile home.  I NEVER have to walk to finish a run, this was just that hard.  I’m sure my legs hated me from pump the night before…

Sunday – REST

I have a full week of half marathon training ahead and then the following week I plan to implement the taper.  Do I really need to taper for a half marathon at this point?  No… but I think I’m going to use it as an excuse to take a little cut back!