Monday, June 23, 2014

Workout Recap 6/16 – 6/22

It’s been a while since I posted a workout recap.  I honestly haven’t felt like I’ve had a solid week of workouts since long before the marathon.  Well not long before, but a few weeks before.  And that’s been a month and a half ago…
I pushed myself pretty hard for a week post-race, post-PR on top of it, but I really missed the feeling of being sore!  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you right?

Monday – 3 miles, CXWORX, and shoulders.  My goal is to focus on weight lifting, and I like to break it down by separate muscle groups.

Tuesday – T25 Speed 1.0 (killer) and leg day.  I don’t think this was the smartest idea I’ve ever had.  OUCHIE!  Leg day consists of leg press (3x12), leg extension (3x12), leg curl (3x12), abductor and adductor machines (3x12), squats (2x12), and lunges.  I didn’t do very many lunges, I won’t lie.

Wednesday – 30 minutes of random cardio (bike, elliptical, and funky cross skier machine) and Body Pump.

Thursday – 6 treadmill miles.  I woke up to a loud clap of thunder and pouring rain at 4:55 so I headed to the treadmill.  I can’t say that I minded, I did a simple workout of a warm up mile @ 8:30 and then I sped up for half mile increments and recovered in between.  I was sweating like a crazy person and I got to watch old Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes on TLC.  Can’t hate on that!

Friday – 5 miles, CXWORX, and Body Pump.  Not all at once… I got up and ran before work, CXWORX at lunch, and Body Pump after work.  Fridays used to be my REST day, and now it was a triple workout day.  I can’t lie, I was totally tanked by Friday night, but it felt great to have sore, exhausted muscles from strength training!

Saturday – Well, Friday did me in, and it was just too hot Saturday and I slept too late.  Sounds like a lot of excuses, I know.  I started out around 8:00 and it was already hot and sunny.  I made it 3 of my goal 6 miles and just called it a day.  That’s the best part about “training for nothing” some days are just better to throw in the towel than to push yourself to sickness for no reason.  I spent the rest of the day at the golf course (6 hours to play 18 holes to be exact)  I SUCK at golf by the way.

Sunday – walked to the Y and lifted chest and triceps and walked back home.  Active rest day for the leggies.