Monday, June 9, 2014

You should really just get over it... and workouts lately

This past week started off with a HIGH... we set our wedding date!  May 23, 2015!!  I felt so relieved and so excited!  So that was Monday.  Monday morning I ran and the humidity was pretty rough.  I hit CXWORX for some core work at noon, and rounded out the day lifting legs quick after work.  Good day, right?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2104 will forever be called D Day from now on in my book.  I know the real one was Friday and what not... but this day was doom, dent, depression day.

$13,000 worth of damage, but my sticker is still in tact!

Really, I know it's just a car, and I know it will be fixed.  (One whole month from now)  But seriously?!  I have never owned this new or nice of a vehicle.  I guess that's why!  I was planning to work out Tuesday evening, but clearly that didn't happen.  I left work early to get home and make sure I didn't have hail pouring through the windows.  I didn't, but I do have quite a bit of siding and gutter damage.

Wednesday rolled around and I couldn't get my sad butt out of bed.  I waited until after work to run and it was AWFUL.  It was about 76 degrees and HUMID!  I was convinced I was having a heat stroke and stopped after 5 miles at 8:06 avg.  I might have taken the miles a little fast out of frustration over LIFE.

Thursday - CXWORX and some cross training.  Uneventful.

Friday - 3 miles in the morning because I finally got out of bed.  CXWORX at noon and Body Pump after work.  For some reason totally exhausting my legs sounded fun.

Until Saturday.... 7 miles at 8:28 average pace.  My legs were really sore, but it was nice and cool outside and actually windy again for a change.  The wind felt like air conditioning!  Much better than the humidity.

This week was rough all around.  I started cramping up this week, which is unusual for me.  I had calf cramps a couple nights during the week, and a HORRIBLE foot cramp during Body Pump (embarrassing).  I already take potassium but I picked up a magnesium supplement as well.

This upcoming week is taper week for the Laugh and a Half marathon on Saturday!  Crazy that it's finally my first official 13.1 of the year!  I'm excited to run, but also to take some time off of running once the race is over.  Mentally, I am feeling the need for a break.