Sunday, July 6, 2014

Workout Recap 6/30 - 7/6

This week started off by saying adios to June.  I was determined to hit the stupid 100 miles in June challenge, and I needed 6 to do it, so that's how my week started!  It was cooler than normal at the beginning of the week, and now it's HOT.  And I've got a lovely sinus/sore throat issue going on.  Lovely.

Monday - 6 miles, CXWORX, and chest and triceps after work.

Nike + rounded up.

Tuesday - Random cardio for 30 minutes at lunch, and legs after work.

Wednesday - 6 miles in the morning and Body Pump after work.

Thursday - Back/biceps/shoulders for one hour.  Looked like this:

 Friday - 7 miles on the 4th o July...

Rehydrate has been a staple this weekend!

Saturday - I woke up too late to run (it was HOT) so I ran one mile to the Y for Body Pump and one mile home.  Both miles were right at 8:00 flat, which is decent for the heat and post-pump.

Sunday - 20 minutes Arc Trainer and lifted legs.  Not much, just a little sweat to feel better!