About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I have a huge passion for running and fitness.  I've been following running and fitness blogs for a year now, and I'm so full of thoughts, I decided it's time to tell my story.  I love all things running, and could talk about it all day.  I'll spare you CONSTANT running talk... I love cycling and other group fitness, and I'm exploring the food world.  Don't expect tons of amazing recipes or gorgeous looking food from me just yet.  But I hope to get there.

(I'm not certified in anything, or a physician with any sort of medical knowledge besides just what I've learned the hard way.  My opinions and advice are strictly my own.. listen at your own risk.)

I ran my FIRST race ever, a 5K in June 2011.  I never ran in high school.  As a matter of fact, I hated it.  Ironic.

2013 was supposed to be the year of the marathon.  I was completely trained, all ready to rock, and two and a half weeks out ended up with a hip injury.  I ended up knocking out a new half marathon PR that fall, and more motivation than ever to run my marathon.

May 3, 2014, I finished my FIRST marathon in 3:48:29.  I achieved my goal, and crossing that finish line was the greatest moment of my life.  Literally.  My boyfriend was waiting at the finish line on one knee...

I can't wait to plan our wedding and start our married life together!!  Oh yeah, and run a few more marathons here and there!