Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Day Friday

Just kidding.  This is really a food blog at all.  I don’t cook, I kind of suck at it.  But I have a few creations and recipes that other awesome people came up with that I wanted to share because they are AWESOME.

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer and recipes on is one of my favorite places to go for motivation and recipes.  I make her Chocolate Protein Bar recipe every single week.  It’s seriously a Sunday night ritual.  I can’t go without them.  They make a perfect dessert, and sometimes I sneak one with breakfast too.

This week I ventured out and made her Pumpkin ProteinBars.  WOW!  Very tasty!  I’m going to admit my stupidity for entertainment purposes, I bought whole cloves rather than the ground.  Biting into a whole clove is DISGUSTING.  Laugh away.  Lesson learned for next time… other than the occasional clove chunk in your mouth, they are really delicious.  I’ve seen variations on Pinterest where you can whip up a little Greek Yogurt icing combo to top them with.  Sounds good.  I didn’t.  Jamie throws some crushed walnuts into her version, I did not.  Maybe next time when I don’t have cloves to crunch around.

FYI, I didn’t even have a 9x13 pan when I started this.  This is how little I bake/cook.
I love me a good protein treat.  Another fave while I was off work for a few days was Stuft Mama’s No Bake Protein Cookie.  DELICIOUS!  It makes one big cookie just for me!  I’ve made these before, but I hadn’t in quite a while out of sheer laziness, oh and I was out of Designer Whey (SAD day)
I follow her recipe, using vanilla Designer Whey protein and I actually crunch up a few Cheerios instead of the rice cereal.  To be honest, Cheerios were the only thing I had and I didn’t want to go to the store.  I actually liked it better with the Cheerios.  I mixed up a little PB2 in a separate dish to mix in as opposed to regular peanut or nut butter.  I froze my cookie for a bit and then topped with some Cocoa Cookie Butter swirl from Trader Joe’s!  YUM!

Oh hey, speaking of TJs, I made a quick trip over my break and stocked up on a few favorites.  Unfortunately, I live two hours away from a store, so I get what I can when I can.

The roasted chicken patties are my favorite because they are easy.  All I have to do is heat it up.  Yes, please.  I like throwing them on a piece of Ezekiel bread, topping with ketchup and a side of sweet potato.
Just when you thought my creations couldn’t get any more ADVANCED…. Check this bad boy out:

Eggo Multi Grain waffles, PB2, banana, and sugar free syrup.  Simple and tasty!

There’s my food excitement for the week.  Don’t worry, I’ll stick to running.