Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Training Plan

The beginning of January is a popular time to get registered for spring races, whether it’s a full, half, or 5K, you probably immediately mapped out a training plan upon registration.  At least you probably should have…
I followed a loose training plan for my first half marathon and strictly followed one last summer for my “almost” marathon.  I know some people who go into it with the “I’ll wing it” mentality.  If that works for you, great.   I personally like the structure of an actual training plan, and the motivation aspect of it.

Marathon training round two is roughly 19 weeks and I started the beginning of January.  I’m not following a strict plan like last time, instead I’ve taken bits and pieces from different plans, and thrown my own plan together.  The easiest way for me to map it out is to take a blank Word calendar template, print it off, and write my miles and workouts down, pen and paper style.
Each week has some sort of a key workout.  I’m sticking to the basics: TEMPO, PROGRESSION, EASY, LONG.
Every week obviously contains several easy and one long and also one key workout.  I always run my long run on Saturday, that way I can sleep in and recover on Sunday and start a new week strong on Monday.

I use the term tempo loosely early in the game because they are mostly done on the treadmill.  I swap in my pyramid workout on tempo days.

Progression, pretty self-explanatory, finish faster than you started.  That’s easier said than done for me when I’m outside.  I have a HORRIBLE habit of always making my first mile my fastest.  My route starts with a gradual downhill, I tell myself that’s why I always end up faster that mile.  My ability to positive split is outstanding!  My goal throughout training is to get better at pulling off negative splits and fast finishes, as opposed to that dang first mile sprint.  I can rock out a progression run on the treadmill like nobody’s business.

Tonight's workout is tempo!  One warm up, 4 @ 8:03 (7.8 on the mill), one cool-down.