Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week Workout Recap 9/23 - 9/29

My weeks are Monday - Sunday.  I was pretty sore from last Sunday's half marathon.  I normally ALWAYS take a complete rest day the day after a race.  This week, I decided to just go for it.  Yeah, wasn't the smartest decision ever, but luckily by Wednesday all of my soreness had subsided. 

Yeah I know it's only Saturday, but Sunday workouts are usually minimal.  I'm thinking a walk and maybe a few minutes of weights.  Nothing heart rate raising ;)

Monday - Spin class 45 minutes.  Lots of stretching before and after.  Kept this spin easy.  I hadn't been to class in over 5 weeks!  I typically take a spin class at least twice a week.  Back when I started dealing with my hip issues, I took a break from all group fitness classes to focus on rehabbing and running.

Tuesday - 6 miles.  Easy pace.  Legs felt like lead.  Shoulder workout on my lunch break.

Wednesday - 45 minutes elliptical.  I follow the Hill Climb preset, finished with some additional resistance.  15 minutes abs/core.

Thursday - 6 miles.  Easy pace.  WINDY.  Yikes.  Lifted chest and back at lunch.

Friday - REST.  Finally.  Definitely was ready for this one.

Saturday - 12 miles.  Abs and core.  Windy again.  The temps felt amazing.  And I refueled with some delicious chocolate milk!

Sunday - Walk .  Weights at the Y.