Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to get a runner for Christmas


I kid. I guess. I’ve seen a couple good lists of running themed Christmas ideas, or just lists of practical stuff we would want. Run Eat Repeat’s LIST is a good one to check out! 

I’m convinced Santa reads blogs too… 

1) SHOES. You can never ever ever have enough. Really. As noted by Monica, you do want to make sure if you are gifting shoes you know exactly what kind the runner wears. **Edited to add... my mom is awesome and ordered me Mizuno Wave Rider 17s for Christmas!!! YAAAY

My fav pic from Skinny Runner

2) Socks. I swear I have roughly 50 socks in every load of laundry. I’m a double socker, so I bust through them quickly. Some families have the tradition of socks in the stocking. My family never did, but I wouldn’t mind if they started now. 

3) Fun stuff like jewelry! I just ordered myself one of THESE bracelets. Pretty excited about it. You can customize each bracelet with whatever you want it to say. There are tons of sites with necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. sporting race distances or running dudes. 

Active Marathon Bracelet

4) Medal or bib hangers. These are an easy gift idea because they are pretty universal. And everyone loves to show off their bling! 

5) FOOOOOOD! If your running buddy loves grape Powerade or chocolate chip Clif bars, get them a stash. Maybe they always get fro-yo after a race or long run, get them a gift card! (I personally accept any homemade goods as well)

Gear and clothing are pretty basic and easy ones too. We all need lots of shorts, tanks, cold gear, you name it. Bags to transport this gear are also nice. My personal favorite is this Under Armour duffel, I actually got last year for Christmas. 

Runner's World put out a nice list too.  30 gifts for under $30.  Check it out here.