Monday, December 23, 2013

Workout Recap 12/16 - 12/22

Hello, I'm a slacker.  On just about everything.  Posts, Christmas shopping, T25....
Only good news on the homefront is my calf is almost 100%.  It still has it's moments.  Good thing for KT Tape and Pro Compression.

Monday - 6 miles.  CXWORX (30 minutes)

Tuesday - OUTSIDE!!! It was about 25-26 degrees when I went out, felt pretty good!  I wore a base layer of a Nike Pro long-sleeved shirt, a tech fit t-shirt, and then my Under Armour coat.  Bottoms were regular socks, Pro Compression socks, and Under Armour tights.  I wore a hat and gloves of course.

Wednesday - CXWORX (30 minutes) Body Pump (60 minutes) Arc Trainer (10 minutes)  This was my first full length Body Pump class in a while and I was feeling the burn! 

Thursday - 5 miles.  Easy, nothing too exciting.

Friday - CXWORX (30 minutes)  This was my rest day.  Not much else went on...

Saturday - 10 miles on the mill.  I don't mind hitting the 10 mark, but it's going to take some mental preparation to get over that without croaking of boredom.  I did watch Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica, that kept me pretty entertained.  I was obsessed with these two, and yes, I know they broke up...

Sunday - Elliptical (35 minutes) Body Pump (60 minutes) Arc Trainer (10 minutes)  YAY for strength training twice this week!!