Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Motivation

It’s a beautiful 16 degrees and 24 MPH winds day here in Nebraska. You wish you were here! Said no one ever… 

The reality is winter is here to stay for a while. I know I’m seeking a source of motivation to get me through these next couple months stuck inside. Motivation comes from the pursuit of a goal. So I decided to consider my winter goals (maybe even print them off and stick them on my tread) and use them to get my booty moving when it’s cold and I’d rather just eat Christmas cookies! 

GOAL #1 – Improve speed through mile repeat workouts on the tready.
I’ve been doing these workouts the past few weeks. I do one mile warm up, then 3 mile repeats with a quarter mile recovery in between. I want to do more miles at pace, and improve the pace. 

GOAL #2 – Get some muscles
Strength training sort of took a back burner all year. I squeezed it in here and there, but never consistently. This is something I struggle with. Last week for example, I was on an awesome strength training streak and it came crashing down when I was sick and didn’t workout for four days. The week before I did little to no strength training. I seem to go on week by week streaks. One good, one bad, repeat. My goal is consistency. I have been hitting Body Pump once a week and doing weights on my own at least one other day. I plan to bump that up. 

Load up dat bar!
GOAL #3 – Try something new!
I’ve desperately needed a mix up here for a while now. Our YMCA offers Insanity in the form of group fitness, but I’m really skeptical. I know a few people that have ended up with injury. Right now, my consideration is the Focus T25. I just need to break down and order it! I think I could motivate myself for 25 minutes at home without plopping on the couch. 

GOAL #4 – REST a little!
I found this out from being ridiculously sick. I can scale it back a bit and still keep my goals in check. Mentally, I’m having a hard time grasping at lowering the weekly mileage, but I know it’s necessary. 

Come spring, I’ll report back on these goals!