Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I think I jinxed myself a while back with my post about preventing blisters and other nasty things on your feet.  I have some HUGE blisters on the bottom of my feet right now, and they are pretty painful.  I haven’t changed shoes, but I think the treadmill running has been the culprit.  I don’t get the stride variation like I would outside, and my feet sweat even more because it’s so warm inside.  

I'll spare you the pictures of my nasty feet...

I’ve been frantically searching the net for ways to heal them as quickly as possible.  They finally feel better today, but I haven’t ran since Monday morning.  I have been taking every precaution to keep them clean, give them air, etc.  Because of the spot they were in, I had to pop them and let them drain.  A lot of websites don’t recommend it, others say it’s ok as long as they are keep clean.  Since it’s clearly not flip flop weather around here, with socks and band aids, I felt like clean wouldn’t be hard.

I’m heading to the store today to stock up on blister band aids.  I’m also going to do some shopping around for some different socks.  I wear two pairs of socks all of the time.  I’ve heard good things about the thinner toe socks for underneath say my Pro Compression low trainers or marathon socks. 

This site lists some of the top bandages for your blisters.  

If you have blister remedies or suggestions for me, please leave a comment!!