Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Tangents

It's snow and blowing like crazy here.  We've really lucked out in our neck of the Midwest to have had such a mild winter, snow wise, thus far.  We've had some wicked cold, but not much white stuff.  I'm really not complaining.  I hate snow.  It's still crazy to me, having grown up in Nebraska, that some people really never see snow, and think it's the coolest thing ever when they do.  I will mail you some.  Stay where it's warm.

Little groundhog humor for the situation...

Last night I ran after work, so I actually had make up on.  It deserved a selfie...

This poses a couple of questions:

1) How often, or do you ever, run with makeup on?

For me, the answer is RARELY.  Only if I've been at work all day, and I'm rarely an evening runner.  I come inside and immediately take a second shower for the day.  I always make sure to use makeup remover before I wash my face in the shower.  I never had too many acne issues, and I definitely don't want them now!  I religiously wash my face twice a day, and like I said, rarely run with makeup on, so I don't have any skin issues.

2) How do you manage your hair when you run?

I have pretty long hair, and it loves to rat up.  I typically braid my ponytail to keep it from getting crazy, or sticking to me when it's super hot and humid.  I always wear low ponytails because I can't stand the feeling of the bouncing ponytail, and my hair is too thick and heavy for a bun.  The low pony is great underneath my stocking hat, I had been wearing, but removed for the lovely photo op.

I'm off to make some warm supper and watch the Biggest Loser finale!  I'm torn between Rachel and David.  I will be happy, and probably cry, for whoever wins!