Saturday, February 8, 2014

Running and Social Media

I don't remember when I officially became addicted to blogs.  I think it was last year over Christmas break.  I stumbled upon Skinny Runner, and it was all down hill from there.  (Even though she is no longer blogging, make sure to "like" her on Facebook and Instagram)

Speaking of Facebook.... it turned 10 this past week.  Wow.  I personally DID NOT create a Facebook movie to celebrate.  If you did, good for you, if not, good for you too.  I watched quite a few of them.  It always amazes me what they think of next and how everyone always follows the trend.  Like the hashtags on Facebook?! #seriously #hashtagsarefortwitter #everyonesgrandmawhohasfacebookwillbehashtagging

MY POINT of this post is, do you let social media influence, inspire, or effect your running?  I'm the first girl to admit, there is nothing more gratifying post-race than posting your status, or a picture of yourself with your medal and a grin, and hopefully a PR.  I like to tell people I ran.  I'm that girl that posts pictures of their GPS showing their long run or a really fast tempo run some morning.  I record all of my runs with Nike+ and there is the lovely SHARE ON FACEBOOK option.  Yup, I use it.  I don't post or share EVERY run, because that would even annoy me.  But I sure as shoot let everyone know that I ran 15 miles today.


WHY?  Am I an attention, notification seeking freak?  Well, no.  For the longest time, I would post my runs or watch pictures for selfish reasons.  I wanted everyone to see how far and how fast I went.  Not necessarily to brag, but maybe show off a little.  I'm totally open to admit that.  But within these past few months of blogging, and diving into marathon training (round 2) I've realized I love to show people what I did so they believe they can do it too!  I know several of my Facebook friends are training for the Lincoln half marathon this May, and a couple of them it will be their first half.  I want to inspire them to get a run in for the day, or give them an idea of what a tempo run is.  I love running, I love talking about running, and I don't care that my entire Facebook page is almost completely cluttered with running statuses and pictures, that's who I AM.

I've been straight up addicted to Facebook since college.  I say I'm not, but seriously, I check it constantly.  Then comes my newest, and even greater addiction... dun dun dun.... INSTAGRAM.

Hi, my name is Brittnee, and I'm addicted to Instagram.

It's kind of crazy that I've connected with total strangers through Insta.  Not just random weirdos, but other runners!  I guess we might be weirdos to some... But it's been so motivating to me.  I love seeing other people's watch pictures, or their Nike+.  It inspires me!  I follow some freakishly fast ladies that I know I could  never keep up with, but I love reading about their runs and workouts.  

Could this be a negative thing?  Well sure.  You have to embrace who YOU are as a runner, and not lose your identity when you dig too far into the social media side.  Just because someone ran a 1:25 half, doesn't mean you have to, or are any less of a runner because you aren't capable of that pace.  I love the saying "we are all runners because we run."  My point of this whole post is social media can be a great aspect of your running, if you let it.  If you see the positives, and feed from the inspiration, it can broaden your knowledge and your passion for our sport.  If you use it only as COMPARISON, and put pressure on yourself, you are setting yourself up for some hard falls.