Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Saturday - a treadmill half marathon

Happy February!  I kicked my month, and Saturday off, with my favorite distance.

It's kind of funny when you run a distance PR on your treadmill, and you have no idea at what time it decides you've been on here way too long and shuts off.  It's 100 minutes!  It goes without saying, this took me a little longer than 8 minutes and 20 seconds...

1:48 and some change was my official time, 8:16 avg pace.  Now keep in mind, I run with no incline, and other than my lovely fan to keep me half way cool, no resistance of any sort.  That said, I am still excited that I can run a 1:48 as a stroll in the park run, when my second best half time last year was a 1:47.  I'm really excited to race a half later in the year and see if I can crack out my 1:40!

I use my iPod nano with Nike + to track all of my treadmill workouts.  All of my runs are stored happily on the Nike + website.  My GPS watch is also Nike.  Go be my friend if you have it, I think I'm just Brittnee Weeder on there.

So how did I pass my 1:48 on the hamster wheel, as my friend Heidi calls it!  Uh, Laguna Beach season 2... duh.  I MISS these classic MTV "reality" shows so much!  Good thing I have them all on DVD!  Laguna, The Hills, Newlyweds...

Team LC!  Oh, and yesterday was Lauren Conrad's birthday.  Ironic!

I went about the rest of my day in Pro Compression calf sleeves.  And then this happened...

No better way to end your Saturday than with some Yogurt City!