Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"I think you have too many shoes"… SHUT UP

If I’m ever having a bad day, I watch “Shoes” or one of the other ridiculous videos, I’m laughing immediately. (The muffins one is stupid funny too, if you care.) 

Kelly and SHOES popped into my head this weekend when a fresh box of Mizuno Wave Rider 16s were on my doorstep. (I order all of my shoes from Amazon, I always get free shipping, and they usually have the best prices)

Max mileage per pair really varies on the individual. For me, 300 miles seems to be max. I have one completely maxed out pair of blue 16s this year, and two pairs that are hovering around the 200 mile mark. I felt a fourth pair was necessary to have on hand for at home treadmill running. (I WILL NOT run on my treadmill with dirty shoes! I am an anal Annie about “no shoes in the house”, so clean shoes only, just in case I have to walk off my tread and go to the bathroom or get water) 

(From Mizunousa.com) Product Features

    The Wave Rider delivers a harmonious balance of lightweight feel, sculpted fit and exquisitely smooth ride. By maximizing the responsive action of Mizuno's innovative Wave plate technology, the Wave Rider continues to define and create the brilliant run experience. 
    • The pure manifestation of our Just Enough ethos–everything you need, nothing you don’t–in a Moderate Neutral package.
    • Internal forefoot overlays provide superior hold and embrace at toe-off
    • Updated heel counter provides a natural fit and embrace at a reduced weight.
    • New mesh materials throughout the upper create a natural fit that allows the shoe to work in harmony with the foot.

I was never professionally fitted for running shoes, but if you are able to have this done, I’m sure it’s a good idea. I stumbled upon Mizunos last spring when I was training for my first half marathon. I almost pulled the plug on it completely because I had horrible shin splints. I was running in an old pair of Nikes that I wore for EVERYTHING. I did some research on Mizunos, and knew they worked well for me in high school volleyball. Luckily, the small shoe store in the mall had a pair of ruby 15s in my size! (10s are sometimes not always there, I call it big foot discrimination) 

They fit like a glove. I was amazed my first run in them, and almost immediately my shins improved! 


Tips from the shoe pro: (just kidding) 
- Get professionally fitted if you can. 
- If you can’t, do your research. Do you over or under pronate? Are you a heel striker? Do you need a lot of arch support, or do you need lighter more minimalistic shoes? Set up a camera behind your treadmill, or have someone else tape you running so you observe your foot strike. 
- Once you know the type of shoe you need, do some Googling for brands and styles, or head in to your local sporting goods store and tell them what you need. 
- Looks aren’t everything. OK, I know, the bright fun shoes are the coolest, but if you are serious about running performance, you might have to get shoes that don’t always look the coolest. 
- Save your running shoes for RUNNING! Get a separate pair for cross and strength training. It will save your running shoes. 
- Keep track of your miles. This way you will have an idea when it’s time to retire and get a new pair. Don’t wait until you have shin splints or some other major issue stemming from worn out shoes. 

MY Mizunos! :)
Someone else's Mizunos...
 It's cool to make a heart out of your shoes to express your love for them... try it!