Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Papillion Half Marathon - May 2013 - 1:47:44

This recap slipped through. This is my last recap of the races of I’ve done so far! Papillion was my second half of 2013 and the race was the middle of May. This was my favorite race weekend because I got to spend it with my cousin Michele! But it was probably my least favorite race of any I’ve done.

Michele and I at her sister Crystal's wedding
Saturday afternoon I headed to Omaha to stay with Michele. We went down and picked up our packets and ate at the free pasta dinner. This was the first time I’d ever eaten at a pre-race pasta dinner. You know how they say “never try something new right before a race…” It didn’t turn out in a bad way for my tummy, don’t worry, but I do think I over carbed… The meal was amazing, so we loaded up with pasta and salad, and then hit Hy-Vee on the way home for Powerade and frozen yogurt! 
I didn’t sleep much at all that night. There were thunderstorms going through, and I was pretty paranoid about the weather for race time. (Think waking up every hour and checking the hourly forecast on your phone paranoid). I got up early to have a cup of coffee and have some breakfast. We made our way to Papillion in time to wait in the porta potty line and then get lined up for the race. Michele was running the 10K, which started about 15 minutes after the half. Michele is crazy fast, and she ran the River Rat half last year, but decided to stick to the 10K for this race. 

Black Pro Compression, Nike tank and shorts both from Gordmans!
It wasn’t raining when the race started, but it was really humid. The course started with a patch of gravel, and then winded through residential streets and park trails. It was HILLY. I really wasn’t a fan of this course… at all. I had some pacing issues, blame it on the hills? 

Mile 10 things got hairy. I just ran out of gas. I completely stopped to eat some sport beans and gulp some water, hoping that would get me through. Then it started to rain. Down pour actually. I could barely see where I was going at one point. I sucked wind hard all the way to the finish. The last mile contained one more lovely hill on your way back to the high school. The finish line was on the track of the high school. I spotted Michele as I came back into the stadium, as she had already blazed through her 10K, and had gone back to the car to get our bags and a blanket. 
We grabbed some food and waited under an awning in our blanket for the awards. Michele WON HER AGE GROUP in the 10K! She’s FAST and awesome. They called her name on the field, she got her award. Her time was 46:52

A picture frame… we were standing there giggling because we are that mature, when a lady came up behind me. “Hey, can we ask you a couple questions?” Right as I said “well sure” BAM a CAMERA in my face. News camera. She was a reporter with one of the local news stations, and they were doing a story on the race. Great day to not wear makeup and run in the rain right?! It was pretty cool to be on the news though, and the video link was online so everyone could see it. I felt pretty important. I gabbed about the race support, which was great. The aid stations and volunteers were great, and it was a very organized race. 

It was great to be able to spend the weekend with Michele and it was fun, but the course wasn’t memorable and the hills sucked. I would recommend this race since it was smaller and was still really well organized. It’s a great May race option if you couldn’t get into the Lincoln half. I don’t think I will make this one a regular race, but I would do it again eventually.