Saturday, October 5, 2013

Workout Recap 9/30-10/6

Monday finished September with 108 miles.  It made my lowest mileage month in quite a while, but most were quality miles.

Monday - 7 miles (8:20 avg pace) easy, steady state run. 

Tuesday - Cross training.  30 minutes arc trainer and shoulder workout.  Shoulder workout looks a little like this, with a few extra moves thrown in.  I've also increased reps, this week I did 3 sets of 12 reps.

Cross training in my Mizuno Wave Elixirs
Wednesday - 7 miles (8:12 avg pace) This was supposed to be a tempo run that turned into more of a pyramid.  Started with 2 easy, 2 hard effort, 3 sail on home.  Lunch time was my version of a leg day workout.  I did 3 sets of 12 reps on leg curl, extension, abductor and adductor as well as wall sits, squats, and some side to side shuffling with a resistance tube.  It was an effective 30 minutes, I was definitely feeling it on Thursday!

Thursday - 6 miles (8:34 avg pace) EASY run.  I set out planning on 5 miles (bribe to myself to get out of bed) but as soon as I got out there I didn't feel like turning around at what would have made 5, I trucked on to get my 6.  My legs were feeling the effects of my workout yesterday, I was tanked by the end of this run.

Friday - Body Pump.  My first class in over a year!  I was pretty nervous about being sore, looking like an idiot, dropping a weight on my foot... class went well, I do miss going regularly, and I will try to get back into it especially this winter.  This class was a special party class for my friend Sarah who gets married NEXT weekend!! It was a lot of fun to hang out with all the girls and get our sweat on.

My new shoes and my bar LOADED with weight :)

Saturday - 13.1 miles (8:38 avg pace)  I was planning on at least 13 miles today.  The wind was already about 18 mph when I started, and was expected to get up to 23 mph by 9 AM.  With about two miles left, headed for home directly into the wind, I decided to make today a half marathon.  It was a lovely 39 degrees when I started, it maybe hit 40 something by the time I was done.  It felt good to layer a few clothes and wear an ear band and gloves for a change, rather than sweating to death immediately in the high heat and humidity.  

My new Champion ear band from Target.. LOVE it, there is a hole for my ponytail in the back!
Sunday - REST!!!!!!